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About Us

Our team at Funology Innovations is built upon the eclectic talents of individuals with a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences, all in an effort to foster and encourage creative thinking and the pursuit of new ideas. Everyone recruited for the team, however, shares in our common and undeniable enthusiasm for nature, knowledge, and really, really neat stuff.


This common zeal and curiosity can most likely be traced back to our generation’s close interaction with nature and the outdoors. As kids, we were the collectors of all things unusual and new, the participants in every science fair, and the students with an insatiable quest for information. We were the kids with the terrariums and aquariums with new insects, reptiles and other backyard critters, and with the persuasive talents to convince our parents to allow us to keep them. We were the kids who developed a bond with nature and the outdoors and the reverence to truly appreciate it. We didn’t have the internet, handheld gaming devices, or thousands of television channels to occupy our time, so instead, we were the kids who got dirty.

Over the years, our paths took us to college and “grown up” careers. We pursued careers in the public sector as well as in the corporate world, both overseas and domestically. As we became older, we started families and began raising our own children. While doing so, we slowly realized that many of the experiences and opportunities we treasured as children were no longer available to our own.  Culture and lifestyles have changed, and as families gravitated to cities and urban areas,easy access to nature and the outdoors diminished. We decided to do something about it.


So this is why we do what we do. Our commitment is to provide our customers with products that bring us closer to nature, take us outdoors, foster personal engagement with one another, and encourage the pursuit of adventure and knowledge. We want our children, and yours, to be able to share the same enthusiasm, curiosity, and appreciation that we had as kids,and commit to doing so in a responsible and affordable manner. We will continue to develop new ideas with this vision and, hopefully, get dirty from time to time doing so.


Our greatest rewards are the stories and pictures we receive from our “grown up” customers detailing the smiles of sons and daughters, the giddy laughs of grandchildren, and even recanting their own enthusiasm for our products. Please keep them coming … it is what motivates us to continue what we believe is a very worthy endeavor.