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Living Gravel™ is the Key


Did you know that we put a chemical processing plant inside every EcoAquarium® we sell? That's what our Living Gravel™ is... a microscopic wonder that's the solid foundation of life support.

Living Gravel™

We culture live bacteria onto aquarium gravel, to create our Living Gravel™. This bacteria culture converts Ammonia from animal waste into Nitrates, which serves as plant food. 

The Living Gravel™, along with the Lucky Bamboo plant in our EcoAquarium®, is the living bio-filter, maintaining a process of bio-digestion, which all three forms of life in the EcoAquarium® sustain. 

Without this vital chemical processing plant, the EcoAquarium® is just a tank full of rocks, water, plants & animals. But with our Living Gravel™ it's a thriving, sustaining, aquatic habitat.

Our Living Gravel™ can keep your fish aquarium clean & clear too!

The same bio-digestion process in the EcoAquarium® , is what's called the Nitrogen Cycle with standard freshwater  Aquariums. It often takes several weeks for an Aquarium to be "Cycled", and it's often a difficult process to achieve it. 

But with  Living Gravel™, the process has already been accomplished.  We've done it for you. 

Use Living Gravel™ as regular Aquarium Gravel, add plants and animals, and your Aquarium will instantly be "Cycled"!

We offer pre-measured amounts of Living Gravel™ able to filter up to 1 gallon of water each. Filtering efficiency can be sustained with larger quantities of water, only when an under-gravel water circulation system is used*. For larger capacity tanks requiring greater amounts of Living Gravel™, we suggest calling us to work up a custom order. 

Our most important living resident in our EcoAquarium® can help sustain life in YOUR Aquarium too!

*filtering efficiency in greater capacities are effected by multiple outside variables including water rate of flow, and total amount of surface area of the gravel aggregate, and are ultimately limited 

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