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Who was it who came up with the notion of Spring Cleaning?

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Some claim it's the Chinese who originated it. 

The Chinese clean their homes in anticipation of the new year. (The Chinese New Year, not the New Year of the Western Calendar.) It's a Chinese tradition to sweep floors and clean homes to rid of bad luck and misfortune which may have accumulated during the previous year. Once the house is a clean slate, the Chinese welcome good fortune by observing a prohibition against sweeping for the few days following the new year in order to prevent sweeping away any good fortune that came with the turn of the year [source: Parker-Pope].

Ultimately, spring cleaning may have more to do with simple biology. During winter, we're exposed to less sunlight due to shorter, often dreary days. With a lack of exposure to light, the pineal gland produces melatonin -- a hormone that produces sleepiness in humans. Conversely, when we're exposed to sunlight, our bodies produce much less melatonin. So it's possible we spring clean simply because we wake up from a winter long melatonin-induced stupor, and find more energy as the days grow longer when spring arrives. 

After all, it's easy to allow a house to get a little gross around the edges when you're sleepy.

But speaking of gross, you may notice your EcoAquarium® taking on a bit of sediment down between the gravel or some cruddy debris on the bottom of the tank, maybe even some algae growth. Like all well lived-in domiciles, our aquatic habitats could stand for a little Spring Cleaning.

We've always advocated doing water changes every 6 months, however, it's not a hard rule carved in stone. In fact, simply keeping the water topped off... replacing water that has evaporated, is technically doing the same as a complete water change, just not so dramatic and a task done more often. 

But since the days are becoming longer, the weather getting a little warmer, tis the season to consider it time to perform a little spring cleaning of the EcoAquarium® on a grander scale. And we're ready to accommodate. 

We've always offered the individual components, that make up a EcoAquarium®. The Colored gravel, Living Gravel, & replacement Bamboo plants, we even offer total replacement tank kits... Builders Series sets, with everything except live animals, but now we're offering our Refresh Combo's, bundling just the gravel & plants together. Simply clean out the old and replace with new. 

Instead of gently straining your gravel, washing out not just any accumulated sludge, but also beneficial bio-filtering bacteria as well, you simply replace it all with fresh new Living Gravel & Decorative gravel. Instead of trimming back ragged dead leaves & runaway root stems off the Lucky Bamboo, you have a fresh new stalk to plant. You can still keep your older Bamboo, but you now may consider replanting it out of your EcoAquarium®, giving it a new home, perhaps as a part of a tiny Zen garden arrangement. 

With our Refresh Combo's for ClassicJewel, & Keystone Tower, Spring Cleaning your EcoAquarium® can now be an annual tradition in your household, regardless if you observe Chinese New Year or not. 

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